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I studied business communication and cross-cultural competence. During my studies I lived abroad for a long time and therefore experienced cross-cultural differences on my own. I have been with Eidam & Partner since 2014, being responsible for the support and recruiting of cross-cultural experts. Eidam & Partner offers worldwide services related to cross-cultural communication, such as cross-cultural training, cross-cultural coaching, eLearning and preparation for international assignments for more than 80 target countries.

German-French Teamwork – Part 2

The devil is often in the details when it comes to international teamwork, especially if the partners have already been working together successfully for a long time. The second part of our series covers the small but important differences you … Continue reading

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German-French Teamwork – Part 1

Germany and France have been successful partners on various levels for a long time, including on an economic level. There are nevertheless still cultural misunderstandings between these two countries. Read today’s blog article to find out how these affect German-French … Continue reading

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International virtual leadership

Leading a cross-cultural team is coupled with all sorts of challenges. It’s especially exciting when the team members are based in different international locations and collaboration takes place to a large extent virtually. As a leader, you should learn what … Continue reading

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