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Our blog keeps you informed about the cultural characteristics of different cultures and countries. This will ensure that you have the most up-to-date background knowledge, including information on such topics as negotiations in China, leading employees in Brazil or successfully writing e-mails with Italians. Furthermore, you will get the latest news about cross-cultural communication and cross-cultural training.

In case you’re interested in seminars, workshops or coaching on these topics, here’s an overview of our services, which we offer worldwide.

Proper [in]direct communication

Learn practical tips and strategies on how to best deal with direct and indirect people! With the help of our background knowledge, you can achieve your professional goals faster and with a lot less worries.

As you surely know from your own surroundings, certain people communicate more directly than others. These people don’t mind telling you their opinions very openly, regardless of whether you’ll take it positively or negatively. On the other hand, you certainly also know people who tend to communicate more tactfully and thus place more value on the way things are said. From a global perspective, individual countries usually lean more toward one of these forms of communication than the other. We’ll tell you what you should look out for when communicating with both types and why smileys are not necessarily a no-go in business. Continue reading

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Travel safety abroad; for your private and business stays

A lot of countries where employees are sent on assignments abroad offer not only new professional opportunities, but also, unfortunately, increased safety risks. Read today’s blog post to find out what’s important when traveling in potentially dangerous countries. This article is also going to help you with your private journeys abroad. Continue reading

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Collectivist or individualist? Cultural differences in group behavior!

Do you have a lot of casual acquaintances? Or a close, steady circle of friends? Maybe even since childhood? We introduce you to the world’s most important differences in group behavior among people. … What’s in it for you? The article tells you how you can make your international work easier and, above all, more effective!

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Your international contacts do not answer your e-mails? We tell you what you can do!

Not receiving e-mail answers can thwart efficient work and be stressful, especially when you’re waiting on an important answer that doesn’t arrive. Today’s blog post will provide you with tips and strategies on how you can deliberately improve your e-mail response rate with foreign contacts.

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The best tips and strategies from 17 years of Eidam & Partner trainings

I myself have conducted more than 100 cross-cultural trainings for our company. An important module in these is the exchange of experiences between participants. Over the last 17 years, this has allowed me to learn a multitude of unbelievably good tips and strategies from my participants’ international work lives.

In today’s article, I’d like to introduce you to the very best proposed solutions from this massive collection – a sort of “best of” from the last 17 years; from my participants for my participants. Enjoy!

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Overcoming hierarchical differences

There are certain cultures in which a lot of value is placed on hierarchies – for example, in Japan, South Korea and Brazil. In contrast, there are also countries and regions where almost all people tend to be treated equally, where hierarchy is considered rather unimportant; examples include Sweden, the Netherlands and Canada.

This article will give you specific tips and strategies on how to best handle both styles and how to achieve your personal goals easier and with fewer gray hairs. Continue reading

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Direct and indirect communication in business

Today we’d like to introduce you to a cultural difference that causes misunderstandings in global collaborations extremely often. You’ll encounter the issue of direct and indirect communication when collaborating with people all over the world, wherever they come from. Because this issue directly affects all forms of communication [face-to-face discussions, e-mail, telephone, etc.], it’s especially important to have good strategies to handle it. Continue reading

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Conflict management / giving feedback in a cross-culturally adept way

Feedback isn’t easy. Even when I want to give feedback to someone from my own culture about a specific behavior, it can easily lead to conflict, especially when it comes to negative aspects and wishes for improvement. For instance, the feedback recipient can easily feel attacked, misunderstand what was said or draw the wrong conclusions.

When the culture factor is added to the equation, giving feedback can become significantly more complicated. For that reason, I’d like to give you some practical tips and strategies on how you can form your feedback in a constructive and internationally productive way.

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