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Our blog keeps you informed about the cultural characteristics of different cultures and countries. This will ensure that you have the most up-to-date background knowledge, including information on such topics as negotiations in China, leading employees in Brazil or successfully writing e-mails with Italians. Furthermore, you will get the latest news about cross-cultural communication and cross-cultural training.

In case you’re interested in seminars, workshops or coaching on these topics, here’s an overview of our services, which we offer worldwide.

Teamwork with the French – Part 1

We want to devote this and the next blog post to the topic of teamwork with French team members. Here are the initial questions we intend to answer: What do French people understand by the term “teamwork”? What needs to be kept in mind with regard to direct conversations? How can you “score points” on a private level as well?
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The best tips and strategies from 16 years of Eidam & Partner trainings

I myself have conducted more than 100 cross-cultural trainings for our company. An important module in these is the exchange of experiences between participants. Over the last 16 years, this has allowed me to learn a multitude of unbelievably good tips and strategies from my participants’ international work lives.

In today’s article, I’d like to introduce you to the very best proposed solutions from this massive collection – a sort of “best of” from the last 16 years; from my participants for my participants. Enjoy!

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Negotiations in China: Part 1

Business practices can differ depending on cultural regions, and this is especially true with negotiations. Different communication and negotiation styles can cause misunderstandings that, in the worst case, can lead to the termination of your business relationships.

To prevent this from happening to you and to ensure that you’re as well prepared as possible for your negotiations with Chinese people, we’d like to give you some important tips in the following blog post. Continue reading

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Overcoming hierarchical differences

There are certain cultures in which a lot of value is placed on hierarchies – for example, in Japan, South Korea and Brazil. In contrast, there are also countries and regions where almost all people tend to be treated equally, where hierarchy is considered rather unimportant; examples include Sweden, the Netherlands and Canada.

This article will give you specific tips and strategies on how to best handle both styles and how to achieve your personal goals easier and with fewer gray hairs. Continue reading

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Practical tips for your USA contacts

Today, we would like to invite you on a cultural journey to the “land of unlimited possibilities”! This way, you can find out which things you should consider when you are communicating with your American contacts; no matter if they are colleagues, customers or business partners.

Also included: information on how to avoid problems concerning sexual harassment, tips for meetings and best practices for projects with Americans.

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How to correctly accept feedback!

In addition to formulating your own feedback, accepting feedback is the supreme discipline of every conversation. Unfortunately, many people respond to negative feedback too often with justifications. A comprehensible reaction, because after all you want to be seen in the right light by your counterpart.

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Conflict management / giving feedback in a cross-culturally adept way

Feedback isn’t easy. Even when I want to give feedback to someone from my own culture about a specific behavior, it can easily lead to conflict, especially when it comes to negative aspects and wishes for improvement. For instance, the feedback recipient can easily feel attacked, misunderstand what was said or draw the wrong conclusions.

When the culture factor is added to the equation, giving feedback can become significantly more complicated. For that reason, I’d like to give you some practical tips and strategies on how you can form your feedback in a constructive and internationally productive way.

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Employee leadership in India

A number of leadership styles can be found in Indian companies – from hierarchical and authoritarian to patriarchal and cooperative. If you find yourself in a situation to lead Indian employees, there are a lot of particularities to keep in mind. Read today’s blog post to find out how to collaborate with Indian employees successfully and how to achieve your goals without a significant loss in time or quality. Continue reading

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