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Our blog keeps you informed about the cultural characteristics of different cultures and countries. This will ensure that you have the most up-to-date background knowledge, including information on such topics as negotiations in China, leading employees in Brazil or successfully writing e-mails with Italians. Furthermore, you will get the latest news about cross-cultural communication and cross-cultural training.

In case you’re interested in seminars, workshops or coaching on these topics, here’s an overview of our services, which we offer worldwide.

Your international contacts fulfil tasks too late?

Does that sound familiar to you? The deadlines have been agreed upon and communicated clearly. Your own tasks were not only processed on time, but also in very good quality. Unfortunately, your international business partner or colleague finishes his or her tasks much too late. No trace of punctuality. Again.

We’ll tell you how to enhance reliability on the part of your international counterparts!

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Practical strategies for successful collaboration in virtual international teams

According to a recent study, 67 percent of managers find that their virtual teams perform worse than comparable local teams. A mere ten percent of respondents attributed outstanding performance to their virtual work groups. Insights can be gleaned from both sides, which is why we looked more closely at practical examples and derived findings from them.

Our article reveals how you can get your virtual international teams working at their true peak performance without sacrificing enjoyment in the actual tasks at hand.

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Proper [in]direct communication

Learn practical tips and strategies on how to best deal with direct and indirect people! With the help of our background knowledge, you can achieve your professional goals faster and with a lot less worries.

As you surely know from your own surroundings, certain people communicate more directly than others. These people don’t mind telling you their opinions very openly, regardless of whether you’ll take it positively or negatively. On the other hand, you certainly also know people who tend to communicate more tactfully and thus place more value on the way things are said. From a global perspective, individual countries usually lean more toward one of these forms of communication than the other. We’ll tell you what you should look out for when communicating with both types and why smileys are not necessarily a no-go in business. Continue reading

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Teamwork with the French – Part 1

We want to devote this and the next blog post to the topic of teamwork with French team members. Here are the initial questions we intend to answer: What do French people understand by the term “teamwork”? What needs to be kept in mind with regard to direct conversations? How can you “score points” on a private level as well?
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The best tips and strategies from 19 years of Eidam & Partner trainings

I myself have conducted more than 100 cross-cultural trainings for our company. An important module in these is the exchange of experiences between participants. Over the last 19 years, this has allowed me to learn a multitude of unbelievably good tips and strategies from my participants’ international work lives.

In today’s article, I’d like to introduce you to the very best proposed solutions from this massive collection – a sort of “best of” from the last 19 years; from my participants for my participants. Enjoy!

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Conflict management / giving feedback in a cross-culturally adept way

Feedback isn’t easy. Even when I want to give feedback to someone from my own culture about a specific behavior, it can easily lead to conflict, especially when it comes to negative aspects and wishes for improvement. For instance, the feedback recipient can easily feel attacked, misunderstand what was said or draw the wrong conclusions.

When the culture factor is added to the equation, giving feedback can become significantly more complicated. For that reason, I’d like to give you some practical tips and strategies on how you can form your feedback in a constructive and internationally productive way.

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Time management in international business

There are many cultural challenges in the international business world. An important point, which many employees and managers often ignore, is the different understanding of time. Read what you should pay attention to in todays blog post!

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Direct and indirect communication in business

Today we’d like to introduce you to a cultural difference that causes misunderstandings in global collaborations extremely often. You’ll encounter the issue of direct and indirect communication when collaborating with people all over the world, wherever they come from. Because this issue directly affects all forms of communication [face-to-face discussions, e-mail, telephone, etc.], it’s especially important to have good strategies to handle it. Continue reading

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